ZUU Class

Helps increase strength and burn body fat?

Movement precedes equipment. 

When our clients range/strength of motion increases from performing movement, this creates a direct correlation to power.

Their ligaments and tendons become stronger, their body starts to work as an integrated system and not just isolated parts. 

Their squats get deeper, their shoulder press becomes more stable and their bench press increases as we build up their secondary system to support their major muscle groups. This builds more lean muscle while burning more body fat.

Expect to burn over 1000 calories during the workout and another 1000 calories over the next 24 hour period after our workouts.


This is a 3 month periodised athletic performance program. Every month it changes to enhance your strength, power and athletic output.

We start with GVT (German Volume Training) in month 1where we need to build or for some, rebuild their engine/foundation of strength and raw power.

Month 2 we work on the fuel/energy systems being used with our specific eccentric loading month. Month 3 is where we combine the previous months in our originally designed supersets month.


Our history and credibility of ZUU is in elite sports and armed forces. This 3 month rotation program is exactly what we use at the highest level for the ultimate athletic performance. 

Tak'i classes

Complete periodized program.

Follow a 12 week program taking you through specially designed circuits of weights, boxing, movement and High Intensity Low Impact training. Classes approx 45mins.

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